One Click Accessibility

This plugin implements the accessibility features for the Pojo WordPress Themes

One Click Accessibility implements the accessibility features for any WordPress Theme or Page Builder. While most accessibility issues can’t be addressed without directly changing your content, this plugin adds a number of helpful accessibility features with a minimum amount of setup or expert knowledge.

Download the Plugin at »

Accessibility plugin’s features:

Resize font (increase/decrease)




Negative Contrast


High Contrast


Light Background


Links Underline


Readable Font: Resets embedded fonts


Of course the customized toolbar is also fully compatible with mobile


Redirect to help and support pages:

  • Map Site: Redirect the users to an HTML map site if you have one on your site.
  • Help: Redirect the users to pages that explain and describe the site’s accessibility.
  • Feedback: Redirect to a contact page that enables feedback regarding accessibility.

It’s important you always display an option for sending feedback regarding accessibility, so you can improve accessibility issues that users send you.

Additional Options and Settings:

  • Activate the toolbar according to device: Desktop / Tablet / Mobile
  • Toolbar position: Right / Left/ Top
  • Toolbar color design
  • Control over the focus on the elements’ hover
  • Add “Skip to Content” link
  • Add focus on hover for links with tabs
  • Force the links to open in the same tab or window
  • Add role=link to all the site’s links
  • Set the toolbar’s title
  • Customized titles for every feature on the toolbar

Download the Plugin at »